Drinking and driving is never a good idea, but it is certainly not as imbecilic as posting a half-drunken status update to the social media about how you scammed a court ordered breathalyzer for your probation officer to read.

Just ask 22-year-old Colleen Cudney, who is now facing over three months in jail after her probation officer saw a Facebook post about how she had passed a mandatory alcohol screen even though she had been drinking.

In 2012, Cudney was convicted of drinking and driving and sentenced to probation rather than jail. The terms of her probation agreement were that she could not drink alcohol for the duration of her probation and she must be able to pass random screenings in order to prove it.

However, on St. Patrick’s Day, Cudney had been drinking when she was called in to submit to a random breathalyzer, but she managed to pass. Yet, rather than count herself lucky and live free to drink another day, she decided to brag about the incident on Facebook. From the looks of her post, she was either actually drunk or she simply has a very loose concept of how punctuation works.

“Buzz killer for me, I had to breatalyze (sic) this morning and I drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my dumbass.”

Unfortunately for Cudney, her probation officer saw the incriminating post and called her up to see if she would mind coming back to the office to take a urinalysis. Of course, she didn’t want to raise any further suspicion, so she immediately hung up on the officer – another violation of her probation.

Cudney was scheduled to appear in court on April Fool’s Day to answer to the violation, which we certainly hope did not land her in any more trouble. After all, she looks pretty hot in her mugshot. So, if you're reading this Colleen Cudney, give me a call after you get out of jail... we'll party.