We’ve heard of biting the hand that feeds you, but we’ve never heard of someone biting off another person’s finger simply because they did not feed them enough.

Earlier this week, a Michigan woman was sentenced to six months in jail for biting off another woman’s finger over a measly 50 cents and a couple of cigarettes. On Monday, in addition to jail time, the judge ordered 47-year-old Senta Staffney to take part in community service work as well as personal counseling in hopes of reforming this razor lip lady back into a productive, and less Hannibal Lector-style, member of society.

Staffney pleaded no contest, which we suspect was due to fact that the victim likely showed up in the courtroom with only four fingers on one of her hands. Something tells us that Staffney may have not had any of her wisdom teeth at the time of the incident - if she had, she might have made smarter choices.

Reports show that the nail biting incident – scratch that – the finger biting incident took place when Staffney agreed to sell another woman two cigarettes for $1. However, Staffney attacked the woman when she refused to give her an additional 50 cents more than what was originally agreed upon.