While most people prefer lemon and sugar in their ice tea, one Michigan woman decided that her friend might like to try some laced with bleach.

Earlier last week, Kayla Bonkowski, a former Central Michigan University Student, was sentenced to four months in jail and four months under house arrested after being convicted of putting bleach in a glass of tea and serving it to her roommate, following an argument over some dirty dishes.

In addition to Bonkowski’s jail sentence, she will also serve three years probation.

Bonkowski, who is currently 18 weeks pregnant, pleaded guilty last month to poisoning Emily Joseph back in the fall of 2012. The two attended the same sorority and were allegedly best friends, according to Bonkowski.

Incidentally, as long as Bonkowski completes the terms of her probation, the entire incident will be cleared from her record.

However, if this girl is ever your waitress, it may be in your best interest to order a canned beverage.