It's hard to  believe that it's 2012 and smoking weed is still illegal.  Don't get me wrong, there are medical marijuana laws in place, but medical marijuana is a different story.  I'm talking about full legalization, and Michiganders are converging on Lansing in support of repealing current marijuana laws.


Today, at the state's capitol, supporters of marijuana legalization rallied in Lansing, hoping to draw attention to their cause.  The grass-roots organization claims that outlawing marijuana has been dismal failure, and support full legalization for residents over the age of 21.

The group behind the rally, the Committee for a Safer Michigan, believe that legalizing marijuana will allow police and courts to spend their time and money on more serious crime, take money away from criminals, create jobs, and make it harder for a minor to obtain marijuana.  They do not support the use of marijuana in the workplace or behind the wheel.  Even if the group succeeds and marijuana is legalized in Michigan, it will not change federal law, so the legal debate would be far from over.

To get the Michigan Ballot Initiative to End Marijuana Probation to the voting booth, organizers need to collect 323,000 valid signatures of registered Michigan voters.  The group currently has 25,000 and a deadline of July 9th.  If you're looking to get involved, you can find a list of petition sites, and the Committee for a Safer Michigan is always looking for volunteers.

I think the Committee for a Safer Michigan is dead on.  I think it's great that medical patients are allowed their medicine, but like I said earlier, that's a different debate.  Marijuana should be legalized for everyone, because it's well within spectrum of what we allow our adults to do.  We can drink, smoke, not wear helmets, jump 0ut of airplanes and a million other things that are hazardous.  What about marijuana is different?   If you like getting high, and you are doing it responsibly, where is the problem?


Source: WWJ