Striping and poker go hand and hand or should I say "cheek to cheek"?  Strip scrabble, not so much.  Where would the tiles go?  That is exactly the question asked at the World Scrabble Championships. Yes, that is a real thing.  A "G" tile went missing and all hell broke loose.  One player was asked to be strip searched to determine where the tile went.

Chollapet Ithhi-Aree (try spelling that on a scrabble board), accused his opponent Ed Martin of taking the "G" tile.  Aree demanded that Martin be strip searched for the missing letter.  Strip searched really?  Is there really that much at stake at the Scrabble Championships?  The answer is yes!  $20,000 is at stake, so I can totally see someone cramming a tile up their butt for that kind of cash.

The Week is reporting that each player had to empty his pockets and officials searched under the table.  No one had to drop trow and bend over.  That would of woken up some of the spectators!  On second thought, I bet people that watch Scrabble competitions have gymnophobia- fear of nudity.   There's a good "G" word that no one could spell due to the missing tile.  It was "G" as in gone.

After all the hassle and accusations another "G" tile was added. "G" as in game on scrabble bitches!