Should you be judged on what you did in the past? Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has recently been accused of being a high school bully. The Washington Post has spoken with some of his classmates from his days at Cranbook and let's just say all of the memories are not fond ones.

Five former school mates of Romney have confirmed an incident of Mitt holding down a former classmate and cutting his hair.  The story goes a new student, John Lauber was  teased for presumably being gay and for his hair style.  Apparently Lauber's hair draped over one eye and Mitt Romney was not having it!

It is alleged that Romney was with a group of boys who were shouting out their plan to cut Lauber's hair.  Apparently that is just what the boys did.  Lauber was forcefully held down, while Mitt Romney cut his hair.

The men involved now regret the horrible incident.  What do you think?  Does this incident matter to you in terms of the presidential election?