A lot of folks are going to miss their home away from home, Mo Doggie's Bar & Grill. After 21 years in business, owners Mike and Paula DeMoss have closed the Dog's door. I had no idea when I was in there this past Monday night that it was my last time at Mo's. Maybe that is why Mike gave me so many shots?

So why is Mo's closing? According to DeMoss, things took a turn for the worst in 2009 when the state passed a law banning smoking in bars. He told MLive,

'Just between Wall Street and Lansing and city hall, there are just too many things in its way to be successful,'we’d still be there if we were successful, if we were making money'

I have had countless good times at Mo Doggie's. I started hanging there long before I worked for Banana. Once I did start working for the station it was so much fun for me to host remotes there. I would go up to introduce bands on stage and Mike would say - 'wait, let me introduce you first'. That's just the kind of guy Mo Mike is.

Mike loved having live bands and interacting with the patrons. Those of you that frequented Mo Doggie's know he loved taking pictures of everyone, but he was the one with the biggest smile. A lot of great memories there for sure. Many of you have heard Mo Doggie's radio commercials, the spot always ended with this phrase, 'You Know You Gotta Go....to Mo Doggie's'! I hope you did. Thanks Mike and Paula for 21 great years of drinks, Mike's chili, friends, music and fun!