A Nebraska woman is accused of allegedly giving her 12 year old daughter mushrooms.  I am talking magic mushrooms.  The so called mother apparently grew the hallucinogenic mushrooms with her husband and they claim their daughter wanted to try them.


According to the Omaha World Herald, Cynthia Ewerdt (37) will stand trial  on charges of felony child abuse and manufacturing a controlled substance.  The judge involved in the case told the court quote:

"You don't have to have a high school education to figure that probably isn't a good idea."

I'll say!  Cynthia and her husband Christopher were arrested two weeks ago after their daughter was found wandering the streets covered in mud.  The family allegedly took the drug before as part of what they claim to be a "spiritual journey".

Regardless or not if the girl asked for the drug, she is 12.  WTF where these two thinking?  Very sad.