Seriously, who wants flying cars anyway?  The newest technological break through doesn't cure any diseases or improve life quality, but it does take care of the problem of who the banker is going to be when you're playing Monopoly. 

Let's face the facts, the banker always cheats in Monopoly.  It's just way to easy to slip a few extra colorful bucks in your pile with nobody noticing.  But now you won't have the option, because a computer will be doing all the banking for you.  Yahoo! ran an article on the new version, stating,

A new version of board game staple Monopoly will ditch the dice and paper money in exchange for an ominous computer tower that monitors player activity.  The ten-inch tower sits in the middle of the game board, using infrared technology to keep track of the action while barking out instructions to players. Move one too many spaces? The all-seeing computer tower will know. It even rolls the (virtual) dice for you.

The computer will also keep track of money, properties, and Community Chest and Chance cards.  The new version will be for sale this fall and retailing for 50 bucks, which means we'll be playing the paper version for a long time at the Fantone house.