I'm pretty dumb, but these world records are even dumber. Check out the 5 dumbest world records we could find.

  • 5

    Most T-Shirts Worn At Once

    155 T-Shirts Total

    I'm wearing 155 t-shirts.  Chicks dig t-shirts.


  • 4

    Fastest Time To Eat 20 Lit Birthday Candles

    It's now a record

    Meet Shoenice.  He eats everything, seriously, everything.  Don't believe me? Search him on YouTube.

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    Most Rotations Around A Bench In 60 Seconds

    What is the point???

    This one just bothers me.  Why in the hell would you do this to begin with?  What's happening in your head?

  • 2

    Most Bananas Snapped In Half In 60 Seconds

    Mildly amusing but still pointless

    Judging from the size of this guy, you would think he would be busting bricks in half.  Nope, just soon harmless fruit.

  • 1

    Strongest Kick To The Nuts

    WHAT THE F***?

    Why?  That is a painful way to get your name in a damn book.