Guys, check with those women in your life that you consider just pals, because at least a third of a females are fine with a little “friends with benefits” action.

According to a poll of more than two thousand women conducted by MyCelebrityFashion, one in every three single women admits to having had FWB (friends with benefits) sex. Almost half of the women polled said it was because they didn’t want a serious relationship.

While not an extensive, scientific poll by any means, it definitely counters the popular belief that a woman will sometimes engage in sex with a friend, but only if she hopes that relationship will then turn into something more. Based on the research, portrayals of women in such relationships may be completely wrong.

Fewer than a tenth of the women surveyed said they shared “benefits” with a friend hoping it would develop into something, while a quarter of the women who responded said they did it to “have fun.” This paints an entirely different picture of modern women than we often see in movies and television and opens the door to new partnering possibilities. That’s the polite way of saying there could be a lot more sexy time going on if people just spoke up.

Nearly 30 percent of survey participants said these interactions were with ex-boyfriends, but, almost a quarter responded that their FWB relationships involved male friends who were colleagues. Is that why the conference room door is always locked?

About one in five women said her best friend was a man, so gents, start making some coffee dates and see who might be game. Just be careful who and how you ask, because coffee burns, and so do ruined friendships. But not as much as coffee, especially on the crotch.