This story and video just breaks my heart for this poor kid and the thousands of kids around the world that deal with this kind of torment day in and day out. Bullying is not something new, it's been around forever but has escalated since the dawn of social networking sites. The suicide rate from bullying is higher than ever and the challenges to find a remedy are endless.This poor kid took a beating from a classmate just for being gay, he did nothing wrong except walk by the wrong student. Apparently the kid that did the pounding only got like 3 days suspension for his brutal act. All of the footage was caught on a cell phone video camera and was then posted on facebook.

This story and many more like it are best expressed in this new video from Rise Against for the band's latest single "Make it Stop" (September's Children). This is a very powerful video about teen suicide from bullying and includes info on how you can help. Here's a direct link to the 'It Gets Better Project'.