Indonesian fans of Motley Crue were taken for a total of $60,000 by promoters who sold tickets to a concert in Jakarta that was never going to happen.

Rock News Desk reports that concert promoters fraudulently sold over 1,500 tickets to a Motley Crue show set to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. News of the purported October 8th show, which would have marked the band's first visit to the country, made it's way to the national media September 21st.

The following day, Motley Crue announced that they had no plans for a visit or a concert in Indonesia. At that point the concert promoters had collected around $40 a pop for the tickets that had been on sale since August.

There is no news as to whether the perpetrators have been caught or if the 1,500 victims of the scam will get their money back. Either way, it's pretty clear who will be Indonesia's nominee for 'Motherf---er of the Year'.