The most watched show on television, yet somehow simultaneously the least watchable show on television, 'Dancing with the Stars' has reached out to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee to join their eight millionth season. In an attempt to keep his street cred, he hilariously passed on the offer.

No stranger to being on-screen, Tommy Lee has already starred in VH1's 'Tommy Lee Goes To College', 'Rock Star Supernova', and his straight to video romantic comedy/creature film starring Pam Anderson. When offered an official spot on 'Dancing with the Stars', the rocker quickly forwarded the message along to his fans via Twitter:

Given his previous history as being a ladies' man, you would think he would jump on the opportunity. There are some hot chicks on that show and it seems like everyone hooks up with their dance partner and gets a divorce two weeks after the finale. I'm still surprised that Zakk Wylde didn't get offered a spot last year when he was rallying fans to vote for him. Maybe now that Lee is out, Zakk will finally get to strap on his dancing shoes.