While watching these tear jerkers, It's more about fighting back tears and the lump in my throat than anything. Some are tears of joy and some are tears of sorrow, both are the tears I shed for the movies I love. Here is my list of movies and the clips that turn me into a big baby.

The Karate Kid

How can you not get a little choked up at the end of The Karate Kid when Daniel unleashes the mighty Crane Kick to Johnny's face. I mean you've watched this kid get his ass kicked over and over in this movie and then finally the move you've been waiting for happens. "You're alright Larusso".


Here's another movie when the underdog gets knocked down so many times that you actually feels his pain. Well, you feel his pain until that little bastard takes to the field while everyone in the stadium is cheering "Rudy Rudy Rudy".


This is just really one of my all time favorite movies. This guy fought his balls off for so long and so hard only to be tortured and gutted like a fish at the end. They weren't feel good tears at the end of the movie, it was just downright tears of sadness.


There's two reasons to get choked up while watching E.T., the first time you'll shed a tear is when E.T. dies, then again when he comes back to life. I gotta tell ya this movie is an emotional roller coaster from outer space.

Deep Impact

I'm not talking about the porno called 'Deep Impact', I'm talking about the asteroid movie. There are at least four different parts in this movie that I get choked up. If you watched this movie and didn't at least get a lump in your throat, you suck.

Field of Dreams

Ray builds a baseball field in his yard and throughout the movie you never understand until the end when he meets his ghost father and plays catch with him. What guy doesn't get all emotional on this one?