When you've got a story to tell, where it happens is almost as important as what happens. Check out the top 5 works of fiction that use Flint, Michigan as the setting.

Number 5: The Fitzpatricks - Television

The Fitzpatricks was a short lived TV show that ran on CBS back in 1977.  The show focused on an Irish Catholic family living in Flint and the trials and misadventures of growing up in the middle class.  The show only lasted 13 episodes but did feature a young Helen Hunt who played the neighbor girl that the Fitzpatrick boys were interested in.

Number Four: Flint - Book Series

Flint is the name of a series of books that spans seven novels.  The books focus on two characters, Malek and Halleigh and their struggles to make it through the urban decay that is Flint, Michigan.  The two go from high school sweethearts in the first installment to becoming a part of the seedy underworld of Flint crime as the series goes on.

Number Three: Bud, Not Buddy - Book

Bud, Not Buddy follows the story of 10-year-old orphan Bud Caldwell, living in Flint during the Great Depression.  Bud lives with an abusive family in Flint, and decides to go looking for his real father, a jazz musician who lives in Grand Rapids.  Bud finds the man he assumes to be his father but realizes that the man is actually his grandfather and Bud's deceased mother was the man's runaway daughter.  The book is critically acclaimed and gives a perspective on how bad things were during the Great Depression.  I know times are tough, but everybody has a smart phone nowadays right?

Number Two: The Lost Shifters - Book Series

The Lost Shifters is a series of books by Stephani Hecht, all about gay men who can shape shift into animals.  I'm not sure why all these gay shifters call Flint home, but nearly all of the books in the 17 book series have Flint, Michigan listed as the setting.  I've never witnessed the gay werewolf scene in the 810, but apparently it's pretty robust.

Number One: Semi-Pro - Movie

Was there ever even a question what would be number one?  Semi Pro is a Will Farrell comedy that follows the story of the semi-professional basketball team, The Flint Tropics.  Farrell stars as Tropics owner/coach/player Jackie Moon and the film actually had it's release in Flint.  The movie also filmed numerous scenes in the city and in my opinion features some of Farrell's best work.