The world just keeps getting more terrifying as the days go on. Just last week we had the shooting at the apartments in Grand Blanc and over the weekend a woman was shot dead while running through an area in Holly. 

Before you starting yelling at me that there are more shootings out there than just those too. I know that, but these hit pretty close to home for me. The shooting in Grand Blanc was no more than a quarter mile from my home and I know one of the victims involved.

The second shooting happened in Holly on Fish Lake Road, a road that I use to travel pretty frequently when I lived there. On top of that, I never would have guessed that type of thing would have to someone in broad daylight.

Investigators say that the victim regularly ran down that road for some exercise. Police say they are looking to talk to the driver of a white or light colored 4-door sedan that was acting suspicious in that area.

Source: ABC 12