The On-the-Spot Auto Wash located at Saginaw Street (near Spruce Street) in Mt. Morris was absolutely leveled in an explosion that rocked surrounding homes for blocks and did substantial damage to a neighboring diner. Find out what caused the blast here.

Late Sunday (July 13) night, Mt. Morris residents for miles around took to Facebook asking questions like "What was that loud boom that just shook my house?" and to complain of all the picture frames falling off their wall. The answer to the former question and cause for the latter complaint were one in the same -- the explosion of the On-the-Spot Auto Wash.

Initially, many residents believed the explosion to be a gas station or meth lab, but the unlikely car wash was the culprit. According to MLive, authorities have definitively pinned down the cause of the blast. Michigan State Police Specialist Sgt. Lenny Jaskulka said "It was definitely natural gas."

As you can see from the picture above and video below, not much is left of the car wash. Ironically, the sign for the business appears to be in pretty good shape.

Grandma Kay's Family Diner, located next store to the hole that was the car wash, had the wall facing the blast pushed in at a 45-degree angle. Luckily it was a Sunday and the diner closed at 3p, otherwise multiple employees and customers may have been harmed or worse. No one has been reported as substantially injured or harmed as a result of the blast.