Due to the upcoming album and touring obligations of Hellyeah, guitarist Greg Tribbett says his other band Mudvayne will remain inactive for at least two more years.

Vocalist Chad Gray and guitarist Greg Tribbett are fortunate enough to be in two successful rock bands -- Hellyeah and Mudvayne. Pulling double duty sometimes becomes a double-edged sword when you have to neglect one for the other though. Unfortunately Mudvayne fans are feeling the burn this time around as they received some tough news via Hellyeah's Twitter yesterday:

"Just to set the Record straight. MUDVAYNE is on Hiatus! Chad [Gray] and I are concentrating on HY [Hellyeah] and will be touring HY the next 2 years! Cheers !"

The message is most likely in response to questions about whether or not Mudvayne was finished -- their hiatus came at a time when rumors were swirling about a break up, which only confused the matter further despite the band's statements to the contrary. So technically this is good news for Mudvayne fans, they'll just have to wait a while longer for new material is all.

Hellyeah are currently finishing work on their third album  (the second release since the last Mudvayne album) which is planned for an early 2012 release. Several reports from the band members Twitter and Facebook pages indicate that the new material gravitates towards their heavier tendencies.