Muse have donated £15,000 (about $23,700 USD) worth of their own state-of-the-art music equipment to undergraduate students at a university in the UK.

Contactmusic reports that the English alt-rock trio have donated the gear to Plymouth University in South Western England -- near Muse's hometown of Teignmouth, Devon. The members of Muse received honorary doctorates from the higher education university in 2008, perhaps this was their way of saying thanks. A spokesperson for the band said:

"We're delighted to provide this equipment and hope it will inspire students to go on and create great music for years to come."

Professor David Coslett, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Plymouth College exclaimed his gratitude for the college's relationship with the band:

"This is a wonderfully generous gesture from Muse and will provide exciting opportunities for our students to experience the kind of industry-standard equipment very few universities have access to. We are proud to be associated with the band, given their significant contribution to contemporary popular music and their links to the South West and the university."

Among the items donated were  two liquid channel pre-amps, a modular analogue synthesizer, and a set of specialist orchestral and instrumental microphones. Muse have also asked that some of their contribution be allotted to fund prizes for innovative students over the next three years.

Muse previously stated plans to begin work on their next record late this year with hopes of a 2012 release date. They also announced that they were trying to become the first band to record in outer space, maybe they donated their old gear because they needed new instruments that are more space-friendly.