Canadian rockers My Darkest Days take the latest single from their self-titled debut to the parking lot of a scuzzy motel in the video for 'Every Lie'.

My Darkest Days burst on to the scene with the lead single 'Porn Star Dancing' which featured Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Zakk Wylde on guitar, and even a guest spot from rapper Ludacris. 'Porn Star Dancing' landed at #1 on the mainstream rock charts and propelled sales of their debut album to go gold in both the United States and Canada. For their third single, the band went with the song that led to their discovery and deal with Chad Kroeger's 604 Records label -- 'Every Lie'.

The band won studio time with a demo of that track in 2008 through a contest put on by an Ontario radio station. One of those demos eventually made it to the Nickelback frontman, who signed them immediately.