Banana 101.5 caught up with My Darkest Days at Dirt Fest 2012 to chat about filming their porny video for "Casual Sex," touring with Buckcherry, and the creative process for their next album.

The band just tickled with the recording process for the video for their first single, "Casual Sex" (from their latest album, Sick and Twisted Affair).

"That was a really fun video to make," said lead guitarist Sal Costa. No crap – the video basically consisted of the band chilling with a buttload of naked chicks.

Not all of MDD's songs center on getting down with the ladies. But a lot of them do. Are the party songs inspired by real life?

"There's all kinds of aspects to life and partying is just one of them. So that's how we came up with those ones," said lead singer Matt Walst. "And the crappy days – well, you get to write about those, too."

On August 19th, MDD plans to kick off a tour with Buckcherry, setting out on the beaches of South Carolina and wrapping up in Columbus, OH. They're clearly stoked to set out with the rock veterans.

"We've toured with Buckcherry before in the past, and they're super-cool dudes," said Costa.

"Yeah, we totally know them," Walst added sarcastically.

Any plans for a follow-up to Sick and Twisted Affair?

"We're going to do a couple of months of touring on our own, celebrate Christmas, hibernate for a little bit, write some songs," Walst said.

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