My family is not heavy into traditions, as a matter of fact I think this may be the only tradition we have.  The annual EASTER BONNET CONTEST!

I am not sure why we started doing this, but it's been going on for 12 years.

Every Easter myself, my sisters, Tuesday & Kristen and my niece Meg make Easter Bonnets for money.   There are a few rules to the contest:

  1. You have to make the bonnet from things you already have.  No buying!
  2. It must fit on a head and be able to be worn without holding it.
  3. My Step Dad, Andy is the judge, he picks the winning bonnet and pays cash prize.

A lot of work goes into these bonnets for only a $20 dollar prize!  The first year we did this my sister Kristen's bonnet lit up!  She had to be plugged in, so after that we banned all bonnets that had cords.

Easter Sunday, my mom will model all the bonnets one by one and Andy picks the winner.  People in the neighborhood will come down to watch the bonnet contest.  Not kidding.

Over the years there have been some pretty sweet bonnets.  Since my Step Dad is the judge, I started making bonnets out of things he likes.  One year I made a cheeseburger and beer bonnet....WINNER!

As silly as this is, it is VERY competitive.  My sister Kristen is the worst!  Boy she hates to lose.  It's not Easter unless someone goes home crying!

Happy Easter!