Thumbs up to 7 year old Mallorie Burt for using the gift card she won from "My Kid Rocks" to make Easter baskets for kids that wouldn't have gotten one otherwise. 

When we decided on doing "My Kid Rocks" we wanted to make sure we hooked the winning kids up with something awesome.  And to a kid 100 bucks to spend at Toys R Us is pretty awesome.  But 7 year old winner Mallorie Burt did something awesome with that gift card and made 11 Easter baskets for less fortunate classmates in her Burton School.  The original story, by Jessica Strachan,  ran in The Flint Journal and quotes Mallorie,

"I wanted to make baskets for the kids who wouldn't have an Easter," Mal, a first-grader at Barhitte Elementary, explained. "I was proud because I got to help my mom pick out the stuff."