If you've been on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you're probably well aware of how everyone loves to show that their kid rocks... you might even be guilty of it yourself. That's basically the idea of this contest -- send us a picture of your kid, doing whatever it is that makes them special, cute, funny, awesome, etc., and it could win you the brand new Xbox One and $500 to spend at Toys R Us.

Important Note: The Child Whose Picture You Submit Must Currently Be Age 10 Or Younger

Here's everything you need to know:

  • Submit your awesome kid's picture by filling out the form below. If you have problems, you can also send the image via email, along w/ all the info you would have put on the form and send to tree@banana1015.com
  • You are only allowed to send one picture per kid (no collages). We will not allow you to change the picture between rounds either, so pick a good one
  • The photo must be reasonably recent (no older than 1 year)
  • We will take submissions until Friday, December 13th at 8am, at which time we will build the initial voting page and post it later that day (hopefully). There will be multiple rounds of voting. At the end of each round, we will eliminate those with the fewest votes and the results will be reset. The final poll will close on Friday, December 20th at 4pm
  • You must live in the listening area to win
  • You must be the legal guardian of the child whose picture you submit and will be required to prove as much should we suspect any shenanigans
  • As previously mentioned, the picture must be of a child currently 10 or younger
  • only one child per photo please
  • If there is an error with either the voting page or the info on your child's photo, please notify us immediately. If you wait too long, we may be past the point where we can help you
  • All regular contest rules apply as well