Instead of saying "I'll Be Back", Arnold is saying "I May Be Removed".

Removed that is, from the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Yes, there is such a thing.

Schwarzenegger was inducted in 2005 for his commitment to bodybuilding. Now a committee is deciding if he is still worthy of the honor due to recent events in his personal life.

Fox News is reporting that Fitness Hall of Fame director John Figarelli is asking committee members to email their thoughts on whether "The Sperm-Inator" should be removed.

Figarelli had this to say, quote:

“We here at The National Fitness Hall of Fame have received an overwhelming amount of feedback, from the public, expressing many emotions from disapproval and disgust to abhorrence and hatred. Cries to remove Arnold from The National Fitness Hall of Fame are many and far reaching.”

I do not condone Arnie cheating on his wife and fathering a child with the help, but this has nothing to do with the Fitness Hall of Fame.

If he were a member of the "Best Husband Club" or "Married Men That ARE Faithful Club", then sure remove him.

What do you think?

Should Arnold be kicked out of the Fitness Hall of Fame?