There are a lot of guys getting paid a lot of money to play sports, and in the D, nobody brought home more in the past year than Ndamukong Suh. Check out the amount of money that landed him the number 14 spot on Forbes' 100 Top Paid Athletes.

Listen, I know the city of Detroit isn't cutting DonkeyKong Suh's paycheck, but it's amazing to me that a city so poor has a resident so rich.  Over the past 12 months, Suh has made $36 million dollars, which puts him at number 14 for top earning athletes.

Forbes factors in salary, endorsements, prize money, appearance fees and other sources of income.  The list was topped by Grand Rapids native, Floyd Mayweather Jr. who pulled in over $85 million in the past 12 months.  Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford also appeared on the list at $20.9 million.  Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers came in at 59th earning $20.8, Prince Fielder at 68 at $19.6, and Justin Verlander at 88 with $17.5.