A couple months ago I remember reading that Five Finger Death Punch was ready to start working on new material but wanted to keep the quality level high and were taking their time to make sure that happened. It looks like the band didn't need long as most of the new album is already recorded.

Five Finger Death Punch told The Pulse of Radio that they were moving quickly in the recording of their third album with 9 of the planned 14 tracks already finished. The new record is being produced by Kevin Churko whose most recent credits include Ozzy Osbourne's last 2 albums, Slash's solo disc, and FFDP previous record 'War is the Answer'.

The band recently announced that bass player Matt Snell was no longer a part of the band and there has been no announcement as to who is replacing him. Three of the four remaining members are recording the album comfortably in the city they call home; Las Vegas. Sole Outsider and Guitarist Zoltan Bathory had this to say about the experience of recording in Sin City;

"Writing a record is not like a nine-to-five job, it's a 24/7 job, you know. Once you're done with the studio, you have to go home and we still, you know, keep writing. So that's how it gets distracting because, you know, you kind of — you worked already [the] whole day, you want to relax, but in the second you want to relax for a second, Las Vegas will get you. You know, there's always something going on and you have to force yourself to not be distracted."

If anybody knows; it's Zoltan. Last year he came up missing in Vegas for a few days and the band reached out to fans after being unable to contact him. Sounds like something straight out of  'The Hangover' and ended in similar fashion with everything turning out ok. Most of the confusion being over Zoltan's cell phone being ruined in a swimming pool, making him unreachable.

FFDP guitarist Jason Hook recently told Guitar World;

"We were cleaning up the bus after the tour, Zoltan said 'So do you want to get together in a couple of weeks and start working on stuff?', and I was like 'No I'm ready to go now. Let's fuckin' rock!"

Apparently the two guitarist went to work and amassed over 100 new riffs for the next album and spent the following six weeks working them out in drummer Jeremy Spencer's studio. At the time of the GW interview the band expected to be finished with the album in April and have it ready to go by the end of May. Hook added:

"We love being in the studio and we work really fast. We're deadline-oriented. We're all about getting shit done and making it good."

Looks like we may see another Five Finger album before the summer is out.