No doubt about it, prisoners cost taxpayers money.  A new law, signed by Governor Rick Snyder, would help relieve some of that cost, and charge prisoners for their stay in city jails.

Nothing is free, even going to jail.  Today, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that allows cities to charge inmates for their stay in prison.  Charges will only apply to people who are convicted of a crime and reimbursements may be a condition of probation.

Under the law, prisoners maybe charged up to $60 a day and also be responsible for any medical costs and prescriptions incurred during their prison stay.

I think it's a good idea in theory, but how the hell are inmates going to come up with this money?  By selling drugs and robbing people, that's how.  I mean think about it, 30 days adds up to 1,800 bucks.  That's over 3 times my monthly rent.  As soon as prisoners get out, they are going to be in an even deeper, more desperate situation, which is going to lead to more crime.