According to a recent report, drug arrests at Michigan State University experienced an increase of 158% between 2010 and 2012. Law enforcement officials say it is because more students are willing to nark out their fellow man these days.

MSU Police spokesperson Florence McGlothian-Taylor says she has seen a significant increase in the willingness of students to rat out others for using marijuana. "More dorm residents are calling in the smell of marijuana — that is, making calls to us," she said.

In addition, she said some busts do not involve students, but are made on campus as the result of routine traffic stops along the side streets. "We get individuals coming through campus who aren't students, trying to avoid the main roads,” said McGlothian-Taylor.

Some county prosecutors believe the increase in weed-related busts stems from the legalization of medical marijuana. "It's got people thinking (smoking marijuana) is just OK," said Ingham County Prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings III.

Unfortunately, even though medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, most college campuses, including MSU, have banned the substance because it is still considered illegal in the eyes of the federal government.

Recently, three police officers crashed the dorm of Alex Passanesi while he played guitar with the door open. They ended up busting him with marijuana, LSD and some other substances. Although, Passanesi maintains that the officer’s search was unwarranted, he was still forced to find a new place to live after spending some time in jail.

In another incident, Michigan State University student Dustyn Frolka was nailed with digital scales, paraphernalia, dabs and cocaine when he allowed officers to enter his room. What makes this unfortunate incident even more tragic is that the raid was based on an anonymous tip. Frolka was ultimately kicked out of the dorm "for actions deemed a threat to the safety of fellow students."

Clearly, any level of drug possession is a high-risk activity while living on campus. A recent Supreme Court ruling indicates that the use of anonymous tips are being upheld by high courts as a reasonable and constitutional police tactic.

Beware of snitches... they are everywhere.