There is some speculation that DUIs in the state of Michigan could be making a resurgence, as a new study indicates that the downward slope of the drunk driver has begun to taper off.

According to the latest statistics by Mlive Media Group, drunken driving arrests were only down 1 percent in 2012, which some believe is due to the decrease in law enforcement officers. Yet, reports show that even those police departments that have taken a hit in the personnel department have still proved to be just as aggressive as other better-staffed agencies.

Still, many are confused as to if the decline in DUI arrests over the past decade is because of fewer officers on the Michigan roadways or an increase in driver awareness. Some agree that it is likely a combination of the two. Yet, with last year showing such a puny decline, many fear that drunk driving could soon make a comeback.

“I think you might see that the trend has hit a flat spot,” said Robert Stevenson, executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. “The drop in road patrols has leveled off. They just couldn’t get any lower. As the economic climate improves, I think it’ll correspond with additional officers and you will see an increase in drunken-driving arrests.”

The Flint police force has diminished by more than 50 percent over the past decade, ranking the Flint Police Department 383rd out of 421 police agencies. Incidentally, there have been 62 percent fewer DUI arrests in Flint between 2006 and 2012.

Knowing what we do about some of the lunatics here in Flint, we would be willing to bet that the decrease in DUI arrests has more to do with the diminishing police force than a sudden upsurge in booze hounds wanting to do the right thing.