Crackers are pretty rad, but most folks take them for granted... that was until some genius created this brilliant ad that asks, "Holy F---ing S---! Are those f---ing Saltines?"

This is how I would do advertising if I was a marketing dude (minus the brief use of homophobic slurs, of course). Not only does this ad, which is clearly not an official piece of marketing, remind us all of the great things you can do with the Saltine, it also asks the questions we've never dared to ask, like "What the f--- are all those little holes for?" Well done, internet. You made our day!

Warning: There are some things within that could be considered offensive, but clearly this is meant to be stupid. That being said, we did not create this, so don't cry to us if you are offended. In fact, if that's the case just don't read it. This is America after all.