Despite the success of The Big 4 festival and the excitement surrounding the upcoming shows for the thrash metal giants;  Slayer has had kind of a rough year. Even though health problems have plagued the band, they continue to tour and even plan to release a live DVD titled ''Dead Skin Mask'.

The new DVD named after one of my favorite Slayer tracks spotlights their 2002 show at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweeden and will be available June 21st. It should be noted that Dave Lombardo was behind the drum kit for that performance. The setlist for the DVD is:

  1. Disciple
  2. War Ensemble
  3. Stain Of Mind
  4. Threshold
  5. Postmortem
  6. Raining Blood
  7. Hell Awaits
  8. Bloodline
  9. God Send Death
  10. Seasons In The Abyss
  11. Payback
  12. Mandatory Suicide
  13. Chemical Warfare
  14. South Of Heaven
  15. Angel Of Death

Check out their performance of 'Dead Skin Mask' from the Hultsfred Festival.