Michigan is one of the most normal states in America. At least that appears to the consensus of a recent study by Business Insider, who recently ranked the United States on its white bread ways and ordinary characteristics.

The study was compiled using statistics from the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey, with a focus on the social, economic, housing and demographic attributes of each state.

Michigan ranked the 11th most normal state because, according to Business Insider, “Michiganders were about as likely as Americans as a whole to stay in their homes — 85.2% of Michigan's residents lived in the same house in 2012 as they had a year before, compared to 85.0% of Americans. Michigan also had about the same gender breakdown as the United States. Women accounted for 50.9% of Michiganders, just a tenth of a percent more than the 50.8% rate for the entire country.”

Interestingly, the study finds Michigan “weird” because it has fewer Hispanics and more whites than any other state in the nation. “Only 4.6% of Michiganders identified as Hispanic or Latino of any race, as opposed to 16.9% of Americans. Similarly, 76.1% of Michigan's residents identified as non-Hispanic white, but only 62.8% of Americans identified this way.”

However, it could be worse... Washington, Oregon, North Carolina, Indiana and Arizona were found to be more average than Michigan.