The new video for 'Cry of Achilles' from Alter Bridge sent me through a range of emotions before I came to my conclusion of how I felt about it.

I am a big fan of Myles Kennedy and anything he touches, I usually like.  When I first heard the title of the new single 'Cry of Achilles' I didn't know what to think.  I don't know much about Greek's just not my thing...but I expected the song to have a lot to do with that kind of stuff.  Then I see that the video is all animated, which drew me in, because I've recently become interested in animation and it's not an easy job.  I hit play anyway, and found myself glued to the video, especially the end when it gets intense.  Confused, I decided to look up the lyrics and try to figure out what the story was actually about.  Nowhere in the song is the word Achilles actually said (and that drives me crazy which is another story for another time) and between the lyrics and the video I gather that it's a love song.  The music speaks for it's self to me, it's a sweet jam that's becoming one of my favorites.  My verdict on this video is that it's awesome, and I posted it for you to check out and make your own decision.

Alter Bridge via YouTube