It's no surprise when you hear people outside of a culture sound clueless when reporting on it, but a recent news story on about a 9-year-old girl who was brought on stage during Five Finger Death Punch's set at Fort Rock takes the cake for terrible, uninformed reporting.

Just listening to the WINK news team talk about age restrictions for rock concerts and throwing around the term "child abuse" like it's a baseball makes me want to kick these dummies square in the nuts. I haven't heard anyone this out of the loop report on the "dangers of rock and heavy metal" since the 1980s.

Below I've posted the video the news folk are up in arms about. The girl likes metal and her dad is cool with that. Big deal. If these lawyers and news people don't like it, they can have their own kids and raise them however the f--- they want. Was it a little weird seeing Ivan Moody drop the F-bomb in that girl's ear? Sure. But who are we to decide what is appropriate language to use around someone's kid?