It's been a long haul for Nickelback fans awaiting their follow-up to 2008's 'Dark Horse'. Things were very hush about the progress of the Canadian rockers' seventh album until they announced that 'Here and Now' will be in stores this fall.

Guitar World reports that Nickelback's upcoming record is titled 'Here and Now' and will hit stores on November 21st. Chad Kroeger says of the new disc:

"We're four people who love making music, the way we like to make it. We entered the studio this year with a vision, and it all came together. We're extremely happy with the results, and can’t wait to share them with our fans."

The sharing will begin on the radio with the simultaneous release of two singles titled 'When We Stand Together' and 'Bottoms Up' on September 26th -- the tracks will be available digitally the following day. If the band's previous marketing strategy holds true of the new disc, we're assuming that 'When We Stand Together' is their Top 40 single and 'Bottoms Up' is aimed at the active rock format -- they're one of the only band's that consciously (and successfully) plays both sides of the fence.