Whether their music gives the ladies a visual image of Chad Kroeger's poodle-perm or because 'Figured You Out' is about dirty whore-bangin', a new study says that Nickelback's music is about as attractive as braided armpit hair.

The music/dating website Tastebuds.fm helps people find companions they are musically compatible with. They've also been responsible for a number of music/sex related surveys -- they made news earlier this year with a poll that said Nirvana fans were the most likely to put out on the first date.

The websites most recent survey examined the exact opposite end of that spectrum. When asked what bands were turn-offs, an average of 13% of Tastebuds.fm users (both sexes) said that they would not engage in sexual relations with someone who was a Nickelback fan. While the pop-rock group stood alone at first, they were followed by fellow Canadian/Billboard chart neighbor Justin Bieber -- who landed at #2. Other rock groups in the top 10 included Creed, U2, And Coldplay -- Oops! We forgot we prefaced that by saying "rock." Check out the rest of the un-sexy music below:

  1. Nickelback - 13%*
  2. Justin Bieber - 12.1%*
  3. Lady Gaga - 9.8%*
  4. Ke$ha - 5.2%*
  5. Coldplay - 5%*
  6. U2 - 4.5%*
  7. Creed - 4.4%*
  8. Katy Perry - 4.3%*
  9. Lil Wayne - 4%
  10. Britney Spears - 3.8%*

*Percentage approximated according to graph

Nickelback's new album (that will most likely not get you laid) 'Here and Now' is set for release on November 21st.