We are only five days into the new year and there have been several reports of break ups, new hook ups and a few rehab stories.

One couple going strong since December is Nikki Sixx and Denise Richards.  Apparently these two have been neighbors for years and are taking things "very slowly".  An unidentified source tells US Magazine the pair likes low key dates, like dining out and the movies.  Boring!

When did Nikki Sixx turn into my grandpa?  The source goes on to say the two really bond as parents.  Super.  What we want to know is are they doing it?  I would have to guess yes caller they are.

When you are a celebrity you get to sleep with celebrities.  Sixx was married to Baywatch beauty Donna De'Errico and dated/did it with Kat Von D.  Richards past relationships include a marriage to Charlie Sheen and dated/screwed Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi).

Good luck you two.  We will be waiting for the sex tape!