The 20th anniversary of the album that changed the face of music is right around the corner. Not only will the iconic Nirvana album 'Nevermind' get the super deluxe edition makeover this year, but SPIN also gathered artists like the Meat Puppets and Foxy Shazam to cover the entire album. You can get your's for free right here.

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana famously covered songs by The Vaselines and Meat Puppets at their MTV unplugged performance.  Now those bands get to return the favor in honor of the 20th birthday of 'Nevermind'. SPIN gathered an array of modern artists (and a few older ones) to cover every song on the classic Nirvana album and have placed it on their website for free download.

Meat Puppets were tasked with covering the most beloved tune off of the album 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Actually, they chose to do that song. Frontman Curt Kurtwood said:

"It wasn't daunting.'Teen Spirit' is just a few chords. It's easy to play -- slap some reverb on there and it's good to go. This was a cool, weird opportunity -- like playing with Nirvana on MTV Unplugged -- so we're happy to take it."

  • Meat Puppets - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
  • Butch Walker & The Black Widows - 'In Bloom'
  • Midnight Juggernauts - 'Come As You Are'
  • Titus Andronicas - 'Breed'
  • The Vaselines - 'Lithium'
  • Amanda Palmer - 'Polly'
  • Surfer Blood - 'Territorial Pissings'
  • Foxy Shazam - 'Drain You'
  • Jessica Lea Mayfield - 'Lounge Act'
  • Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band - 'Stay Away'
  • Telekinesis - 'On A Plain'
  • Jeff The Brotherhood - 'Something in the Way'
  • Ema - 'Endless Nameless'