Justice has been served!  A Texas father who caught a man molesting his daughter and beat him to death on June 9th, will not face charges.  The 23-year-old unidentified father heard his 5 year old daughter screaming from behind their barn.  When he ran to her, he found 47- year-old, Jesus Mora Flores on top of his daughter with his pants down.

According to MSNBC, the father pulled Flores off his daughter and began beating him.  The father did call 911 asking a dispatcher to send an ambulance saying, quote:

'Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don't know what to do!'

Well, I think he knew exactly what to do and did it!  There is no excuse for a person that would do this to a child. Flores had been hired by the family to work on their ranch.

According to Houston criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, Philip Hilder, Texas law provides justification for the use of deadly force, including if someone is commits a sexual assault.  I think Texas has a damn good law.