Wow, you would think by the age of 92 you probably wouldn't need your ID to buy alcohol. Maybe in some places that is true, but not in jolly ol' England.

Ninety-two year old great grandmother Diane Taylor was not allowed to buy whiskey at One Stop Shop, because she did not have her ID on her.  Taylor produced other forms of identification, but no go from the store.  Hello, look at her!  Her  face is her ID!

Ms. Taylor could not believe that without a passport or drivers license, she was not allowed to buy booze.  She gave the counter girl her over 60 bus pass and even her pacemaker certificate, but was still not allowed to purchase the whiskey.  Boy did this piss her off!  Taylor said, quote:

"I can understand shops being strict with all the youngsters buying booze but surely there's a difference between a 92-year-old and someone of 18.  I ended up storming out in indignation. It is just ridiculous to ask someone of my age to prove they are an adult, I find it offensive."

Grandma Dynamite went on to say, quote:

"I don't see how anyone could look at me and think I needed to prove my age and I don't have a driving licence anymore or a passport."

I believe the whiskey loving granny has some valid points.  If she has no drivers license or passport, what is she supposed to do?

The store stands by its decision of their "No ID, no sale" policy according to The Sun.

What do you think?  Should their be exceptions when someone is clearly over 21 and has no ID?