Hailing from Southeast Michigan, NO RESOLVE began in 2005 when singer, Oscar Pegorraro, set out to start a band. Oscar had been through extensive vocal training and was formerly in a cover band. With his experience he met, Jason Hatmaker. A guitarist for years, Jason possesses talent and dedication along with behind-the-scenes prowess. Through Oscar came, John Wright, who is a professional guitarist with years of live show experience, as well as years of teaching guitar. Derek Bjornson, who was in another band and taught drums on the side, met Oscar who instantly noticed Derek’s talent and recruited him in the band. No Resolve’s latest member is bassist Dennis Patterson, who instantly fit in with his skill and understanding of what path the band wanted to take.

With strong new members and solid material in place, No Resolve entered the studio in late 2011 to record a 5 song EP. Their manager introduced them to producer Shane D. Grush (Endings Studio), they worked day and night for months, to ensure the tracks were exactly what the band envisioned. One thing is for sure, No Resolve puts their all into their music and live performances. Once they hit the stage there is no denying that No Resolve is well on their way and fans can’t wait until their next performance.

No Resolve - Get Me Out