The NAIAS is back at Cobo Arena in Detroit!

Every automaker will be represented but it looks like the "home teams" are going to take the show...

But despite a long list of import carmakers at the show, don’t be surprised to see Detroit dominate this year’s headlines. And new product is only part of the reason.

After being slammed hard by the recession, the Motown carmakers are showing an unexpected resilience that is silencing skeptics and leading analysts, investors — and most importantly, car buyers — to give General Motors, Ford and Chrysler a closer look.

I haven't had a chance to go the past couple years but I'm definitely going to try and make it this year!

GM’s four surviving North American brands will underscore the maker’s shift from gas-guzzling trucks to fuel-sipping passenger cars. GM’s debuts include the new Buick Verano compact, which is designed to add to the momentum of a brand until recently written off for dead. Chevrolet will focus on the new Sonic minicar, while GMC will explore the market for a more compact and efficient truck.

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