It's been a while since I've really been impressed by a new band. Texas band Nothing More had already captured my attention with their dynamic lead single from the upcoming self-titled album (due June 24th), but their ROTR performance is what really blew me away. It was a big performance for the band too, as they were playing to rather large audience of mostly fresh ears on the Ernie Ball stage at Crew Stadium. The band probably couldn't have imagined it going worse than it did... and that made it all the more impressive to me.

The band started off with an energetic performance of their song 'Christ Copyright,' where frontman Johnny Hawkins showed off his drumming skills in addition to his vocal abilities. The song I was really blown away by was their second -- 'Mr. MTV.' It's basically about how the once great (and once music-intensive) channel is now the personification of everything that's wrong with "Generation Z" or whatever you call people between the ages of 10 and 25 these days.

I believe it was at the end of that song that their gear shorted out. All of a sudden the guitars and vocals abruptly cut out and it was just rhythm section. A visibly frustrated Hawkins, as well as his bandmates, began scrambling around to fix the problems. After a few minutes and joking "Apparently your not supposed to let rain get on your equipment," the band started back up only to have bass and vocals cut out quickly. Yeah, it was pretty much every band's worst nightmare. You can see them scrambling to repair the problems below.

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

Guitarist Mark Vollelunga and drummer Paul O'Brien jammed for a few minutes until the crew could get everything sorted out and eventually, Nothing More got back on track. They continued with a really cool bass solo, which you pretty much have to see live, and closed out the techinical-difficulty-plagued set with great performances of their single 'This is the Time (Ballast)' and the heavier track 'Salem.'

Despite all the problems, the band kept going and put on an incredibly impressive, yet-abbreviated through no fault of their own, set. I'm very much looking forward to their self-titled album, which has 17 tracks according to iTunes. For real, 17. When was the last time you bought a rock album with that many tracks? If they're even half as impressive as the band is live, we'll be talking about Nothing More for a very long time. If they somehow don't blow up, I will concede that I don't know s--- about music anymore.

Be sure to catch this band at Dirt Fest 2014, where they'll be performing with Killswitch Engage, Powerman 5000, Local H, Smile Empty Soul, Redlight King and more!