A calendar?  For Christmas?  No thanks!

I ran across a poll where supervisors were asked what gift they would be giving their employees for the holidays.  Can you believe 20% said "a calendar"?  Seriously if I was given the stupid gift of a calendar from Tony LaBrie I would ask him what day I should pencil him in for an ass kicking.  I think a majority of workers would rather have the five bucks cash that the calendar would cost.

It is good to know that 40% of managers prefer to give gift cards or even cash.  However 55% of the bosses polled said their presents to employees will include the company logo.  That would be fine for me, but bad for employees at Tampax.

Last year Tony LaBrie gave us all GPS units.  That was awesome.  I told Chris Monroe that LaBrie should be more like the Wizard of Oz this year and give me a heart, Fantone a brain and Chrissy some courage.  I will let you know how that turns out.  Ho ho ho!