Chad Kroeger has a whole bunch lady problems (aside from his girly-ass hair).  He has been ordered by a judge to pay $25,000 a month to his ex-wife/ baby mama. What? That's not his baby mama? You got screwed homie.

Chad Kroeger was taken to Canadian court recently by his former common law wife Marianna Goriuk, guess what she wanted. Goriuk claims she needed higher interim spousal support payments. The judge awarded her $25k/mo. and explained her decision by saying:

"The parties' lifestyle was extravagant. According to (Goriuk), they spent unlimited amounts to improve their properties. They ordered expensive food and wine, took private jets to Mexico and other places, hired helicopters at the last minute to fly into Vancouver for the evening and travelled in limousines... It is important to note that need is relative, and $25,000 is likely much below the status quo in this case."

The judge went on to say they had a 'credit card that's got no limit and a big black jet with a bedroom in it'. Granted that Chad makes $9.7 million a year year but this is still too much. When you break up, you shouldn't get to take the benefits of dating your ex with you. It's not like Kroeger gets to still have awesome beejers or whatever this chick was good at. The two were together for six years and will meet again in August to divide their assets.