Adelitas Way pulled out a surprise victory against Mastodon last night. Tonight they'll be taking on the much lesser known band named One Less Reason. After beating a cult favorite, you would think this is an automatic win for Adelitas -- nothing is automatic in The Cockfight.

  • 'Disappointed'

    One Less Reason

    This Tennessee quintet is hoping they can take down newly successful rockers Adelitas Way tonight. A pretty even match as far as type of rock the bands play, but Adelitas have a #1 single under their belt...good luck. To hear the song you'll have to tune in at 9p or follow the link here.

  • 'The Collapse'

    Adelitas Way

    Adelitas Way are counting on you to help extend their winning streak to two tonight. You can place your votes here or by calling Fantone after 9 @ 810-251-5101.

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