Opaque is a Suicide Girl who says that Death Valley gets her hot, so we're thinking about moving there. Ohhhh, wait. We get it. Nevermind.

Name: Opaque

Occupation: Learner of lessons.

Gets me hot: Death Valley.

Most humbling moment: Looking into the sky, or at a tree, or a flower, or anything at all.

Into: Forest gardening, crop circles, natural earth homes like cob cottages, human evolution of the spirit, living in balance with nature, people who take action and control of their own lives, healthy organic nourishment and sound food production practices, cyclical thought/living.

Makes me happy: Sunshine, stars, tea, friends, laughter, a warm sweater on a chilly day, good music, good food, homemade pie, ecologically minded humans, action. evolution, thought, but mostly elderberry wine.


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