Remember when Beastie Boys were the most controversial group out there? Neither do I...probably because I was 6. Either way, check out this hilarious video reminder of how lame the mid 1980's were.

All it takes is a minute of this video to realize how much everything sucked in the 80's -- the clothes, the hair, television and for the most part, music sucked too. One exception to that statement was the Beastie Boys, who, ironically, were just inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Back in 1986 though, they were the "Devil's music" according to older folks.

This video is a hilarious reminder of our country's awkward phase with rap music -- these folks from 1986 would've s--t their pants after one minute with a Young Jeezy record. Apparently girlie feelin', illin' and sniffin' glue were not things to be taken lightly back then. Watch as a wavy-haired Oprah recites lyrics from the Beastie's songs to express her confusion by the appeal of the genre -- kind of how I feel now about dubstep. Oh, how the times have changed.

Oprah Talks Beastie Boys in 1986